Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Are Proud to Report...

High Expectations for Elevated Results

95% Approval Rating

It is imperative that every student, parent, employee, volunteer, contractor and/or affiliate takes ownership of our mission. The Direct Action Media Academy is proud to report that we were able to provide all of these quality COMMUNITY services consistently:

  • Over 24 Websites/Branding Campaigns produced for Local Businesses
  • Created a Successful GED Assistance & Advance Tech Program for Adults
  • Participation in Economic Development Programs/Events
  • Contracted Several Residents and Businesses to Help Provide Work
  • Provided Graphic Design Support for Businesses
  • (including: producing signage, fliers, business cards, brochures and more!)
  • Provided Non-Profit Grassroots Agency Grant Writing Support
  • Provided Media Support for Non-Profit Agencies
  • (including: digital video and audio)
  • Published & Distributed Several Professional Newsletters
  • Provided a Student Advance Media & Academic Technology Programs
  • All Completely FREE of Charge!
  • ...and We THANK YOU for Supporting Our Efforts.

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