Thursday, January 28, 2016

Are You Smarter Than a 3rd Grade Historian?

Macon Georgia LMS Free Site

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Dr. Thomas Duval is creator and architect of this innovated and original approach to educational development through the implementation of a LMS (Learning Management System) featuring advanced technology and multimedia in local History/Studies as a supportive measure in improving standardize test scores for all student populations.

Direct Action Media Academy, Inc. is currently lending support to the construction of his project as a part of it’s outreach campaign. Direct Action Media Academy, Inc. is committed to a mission of empowering disenfranchised communities by providing advanced technology resources, training and networks. The specific purpose and mission of Direct Action Media Academy (DAMA) is:Assist in planning, implementation and supporting/managing project sustainability.

Dr. Thomas Duval Ancestral Obligation LMS Innovator/Architect
LMS Technical Project Developer Engineer/Program Analytic :
A. Monzell Dunlap (DAMA)
LMS Multimedia Director/Site Designer:
John Kennedy McCray (DAMA)

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